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Virtual Visits

Welcome to The Dairy, John's River's Virtual Visits.
Watch the videos, download the worksheets and puzzles and send us your questions. We can't wait to hear from you!

The Calf Shed Virtual Visit

What's happening in the calf shed? Why is it full of calves? What happens when a cow has a calf?

Come and find out on The Calf Shed Virtual Visit!

Once you have watched the video check out The Calf Shed worksheets and activities below!

The Milking Shed Virtual Visit

How is milk harvested? Why do we milk cows?

There's so much to learn about how milk is made and what goes into producing it!
Check out The Milking Shed Virtual Visit to find out all the answers and then have a go at the activities below.

Can you draw the spots on the cow.jpg
Calf Shed findaword.jpg
The Calf shed worksheet.jpg
Milking Shed worksheet.jpg
Why do we drink milk.jpg
Words and Meanings worksheet.jpg
How do we use milk.jpg
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